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Knave Genderbent
Gender Magic



Caster Magic

 Gender Magic (ジェンダーの魔法, Jenda no Maho) is a rare Caster Magic utilized by several unknown mages. The magic allows the user to freely control their gender and the gender of those around them. The user can also manipulate the size, shape, and quantity of features on the target's body (or themselves) when they use the magic.



  • Gender Swap-
  • Gender Swap: Female Mode: Well Endowed Module-
  • Gender Swap: Female Mode: Lolicon Module-
  • Gender Swap: Female Mode: Average Porportions Module-
  • Gender Swap: Male Mode: Muscular Psyche Module-
  • Gender Swap: Male Mode: Skinny but Strong Module-
  • Gender Swap: Male Mode: Skinny but Weak Module-
  • Gender Swap: Equality Mode: Disarmingly Cute Module-
  • Gender Swap: Confusion Attack-
  • Gender Swap: Equality Mode: Petite Form/Cute Voice Module-


  • It was vaguely inspired by Ivankov's fruit from the manga/anime One Piece by Eiichero Oda.

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